3 Healthy Habits to Boost Your Immune System

boost your immune system

For many people, the fall and winter seasons are one cold and viral bug after another. Here in Florida, spring is the worst time of year for many because of the high levels of pollen in the air. These are busy seasons for most people and it’s frustrating to get sick and still have to be productive. Have you ever wondered how you could boost your immune system so that you can have fewer sick days?

You probably know that changing your diet and exercise habits are a big part of giving your immune system a boost. But then what? All the information and products available out there can be a little overwhelming. Here’s some simple daily habits that you can start doing now to boost your immune system.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer and meditation are essential habits for spiritual and emotional wellness, but did you know that they can also reduce your chance of illness? The truth is that meditation can have a direct connection to your overall health. Meditation is simply learning to be still, listening to God as your body slows down. Meditation helps you to focus on deep issues that you might be struggling with and helps you to find ways to handle them so that they don’t get out of control. Meditation is a great way to calm down from daily life stresses such as problems with your family, your health or anything that might be upsetting you. This is a time to reflect and focus on your overall health. I find that after I’ve got the noise out of my head, it’s easer to pray and listen to God.

For many years I struggled with emotional and mental issues that came from a toxic upbringing and the struggles of special needs parenting. I strongly believe that because I didn’t deal with these problems in a healthful way, my immune system started to malfunction. I was tense and stressed much of the time. My cortisol levels were out of whack. Whether it ultimately caused my chronic illness (dystonia) I can’t say but it certainly didn’t help.

Simple daily meditation habits can help you to reduce stress and its effect on your immune system, thus decreasing the chances of frequent bouts of sickness.


Do you roll your eyes when you hear the word journaling? It doesn’t have to be tedious daily writing exercises that you can’t stick with. There are lots of ways to journal, even video journaling. The reason journaling works to help keep illness at bay is because journaling has a direct connection to reducing stress levels and reveal situations to you that you might not realize were an issue. And getting creative is another great way to let off steam.

For example, if you are struggling with anxiety and are unsure of where it’s coming from, journaling can help you narrow the possible sources. By working through a journaling process on a daily process, you will find yourself able to release stress as well as figure out what’s causing it so that you can get rid of it.The reduced stress means a calmer body and mind, which means your body works at a more efficient level and your immune system is healthy and able to fight off

Practice gratitude every day. Write three things down in your journal that you’re grateful for. Even if it’s just for the basics of life, imagine being without them.

I have fallen in love with the Happy Planner journaling system. It’s the first system that hasn’t stressed me out and I can see myself sticking with it for the long haul. You can buy them at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby with a discount coupon, or get them at Amazon if you don’t have those stores nearby. I have a Big Happy Planner for every day, one for fitness and one for faith journaling. Washi tape and stickers motivate me…what can I say? And if I’m too pooped to journal I just use stickers. It’s that easy 🙂 One note…if you buy from Amazon, be sure the month dates are what you want. With an undated planner you can start any time. Some start in July 2017 and there are still some that start in January.

Stay Hydrated

You may be doing everything right. You’re meditating, journaling, working out and eating well. Yet you’re still struggling. One more thing to think about is your water intake. If you don’t get enough in, you’re stressing your body and organ system. Your body needs water to work properly. Coffee and soda don’t count! If you have everything else covered and you are still getting sick, try to increase your water intake. There are lots of ways to do this, such as apps and setting your timer to drink water. I personally like the HydroFlask. I like drinking from stainless steel a lot more than plastic water bottles. (It is a little pricey, but I’ve had mine well over a year and have easily saved that money in picking up water bottles from 7-11!)

By applying these habits to your daily routine, you’ll start to notice that your immune system seems to be stronger and you seem to get sick less often. Exercise, supplements and eating well definitely have their role in a strong immune system, but keeping your mind and emotions healthy is just as important to overall health.

What are your favorite stress relieving habits?



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5 Health Benefits of Sunshine

Health benefits of sunshine

Getting out in the sun has many health benefits for your mind, body & spirit. If you live in an area like I do where there’s lots of sun, it shouldn’t be too hard to get out in the sunshine. However, even if you live in an area that has a lot of overcast days, you should still be able to find a few days where you can find some sunshine to enjoy.

Many of us have been cautious about spending too much time in the sun, but done with reasonable precautions, it can be quite good for you. Here’s five health benefits of sunshine…

  • Getting Adequate Vitamin D. The best way to get vitamin D is by getting out in the sun to reduce your need for Vitamin D supplements. Unfortunately many people don’t have enough Vitamin D in their system. Vitamin D is essential for many bodily functions and helps to improve immunity. Take your vitamin D with a walk in the sun. Make sure at least some of your body is exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Do be careful with exposure…for example here in Florida exposed skin can start to burn in minutes. Wear a healthy sunscreen if you’re out in the heat of the day. You can also try to get out first thing in the morning or later in the day when the sun isn’t overhead.
  • Spending time in the sun helps you get out in nature. Many of us lead indoor lifestyles. I’m preaching to myself here…even in the subtropics I still have to be intentional about getting outside especially during the summer when it’s tempting to stay in a dark, cool room. Time spent in nature is a so beneficial and will help you to function better in your daily life. It can also alleviate depression. Even short blocks of time will help to improve your productivity and help you feel more energetic and productive.
  • Sunshine helps to reduce stress. You’ll find that you are less stressed and happier on sunny days when you can get outside and soak up some rays. You might want to sit on a park bench in the sunshine and meditate for a bit or take a walk in a sunny area. You can process your stressors better in the sunshine and you’ll feel so much better afterward. Try getting out in the sun every day for at least a half an hour if your weather allows. You’ll start to feel better right away and might even find being in the sun to be an enjoyable activity.
  • Sunlight can reduce cancer risk. While you are at an increased risk of skin cancer if you burn your skin in the sun, sunshine can actually help reduce your risk of developing other cancers, especially if you choose to exercise in the sunshine. Spending time in the sun, particularly if you live in an area that is at a lower latitude, you will have a decreased risk of getting prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. People who live in higher latitudes have less exposure to the sun so they don’t get as much reduction in cancer risk when compared to those who live in lower latitudes, where the sun is the strongest.
  • Sunshine may help you sleep better. Being out in the sunshine, especially if you do something relaxing or exercise in the sunshine, you will be more relaxed afterward and will probably have a better time sleeping later in the day. Just a half hour of sunshine per day has been found to help you get to sleep easier and will help you stay asleep longer.

While there are many health benefits of sunshine, be wise and take appropriate precautions when you’re outdoors. Everything in moderation.Don’t let yourself cook and be sure to use a good quality sunscreen. Know the signs and symptoms of skin cancer and see your doctor if you notice any irregular skin growths right away. In particular, melanoma is a lethal, fast growing cancer that you should be familiar with.

This blog post is not to be construed as medical advice. If you are taking certain meds, are a cancer patient or have another health condition, please check with your doctor before spending time in the sun. Also, if you’re an essential oil user some oils shouldn’t be used in the sun. If you have a family history of skin cancer, please check with your doctor about health sun exposure and get regular skin checks.

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